Saturday, September 14, 2013

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The Forbidden Points Acupressure / Reflexology Technique for Inducing Labor:

Next week I will teach you how to slow your heart rate down in 3 minutes with just meditation and acupressure. 

The Forbidden Points Acupressure / Reflexology Technique for Inducing Labor:
If you want to induce labor press on the "Forbidden Points". This technique is a combination of Neuromuscular Therapy, Acupressure, and Reflexology. I've had the privilege of personally experiencing speeding up delayed contractions while they were being monitored by a EFM machine while the patient was in labor. 
Dr. C. E. Maddox, MD of University Hospital in Augusta, Ga. was delivering the baby, and she was using a Electronic Fetal Monitoring "EFM" Machine while giving instructions to the patient. The patient was going through induced labor, and she was given a epidural that failed later on in the labor. The patient insisted that she was to give birth, and she refused the option of a caesarian early on, because she wanted to have the moment of bonding with her child after birth. The doctor took a big risk in letting her do this. This was potentially very dangerous! I was acting as a doula helping the patient to breathe, stay focused, and push. The doctor was massaging the perineal, so the head could crown properly. The walls of the patient's vagina was not dilating fast enough for the baby. Then all of a sudden I saw the doctor panic. It made me and the rest of the room panic also. With quick thinking I started to do the acupressure technique which I was keeping reserved, because I did not feel comfortable just doing it early on in the labor without permission from both the medical doctor or the patient.

The doctor exclaimed "Whatever you are doing keep doing it! The contractions are coming faster!". The doctor started to have a brief conversation with me during the labor about the technique. Which was a little surreal at the moment, but that told me how confident she was, and that she knew the bad moment of the labor had passed. She was extremely curious about the technique after she saw it worked, and the technique continued to work through the rest of the labor. I kept performing the technique until the final bit of pushing started. The child was delivered safely, and the mother got to have her bonding experience.

The Forbidden Points Acupressure / Reflexology Technique for Inducing Labor:

  • Have the individual breathe, on every exhale compress gradually into the point with a finger. By vision is not the only way you can identify the points. The points will feel sensitive to the touch for you, and for the patient. In massage if the points feel sensitive to the touch there is a problem. If there was not a problem with the fascia it would not be sensitive to the touch. (Neuromuscular Therapy)
  • The points are located on both sides of the body like a mirrored image. 
  • Points 1 and 2 are the "Forbidden Points", point 3 helps with irregular heart palpations.
  • Point 1 (is SP6) three finger widths up from the top part of the inner ankle bony process right in the middle of the leg. (Acupressure)
  • Point 2 is at the center of the heal on the bottom of the foot. (Reflexology)
  • Point 3 (is LI4) it's located at center of the muscle between the forefinger and thumb on the hand. (Acupressure)
  • Alexis Servy, NCTMB, CMT
    Have fun inducing labor. 

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